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Quick Rules and How to Play

Choose One Pattern to Complete:

Bingo - 5 squares in a row

X - Squares that make an X shape

T - Squares that make a T shape

Blackout - All squares on the board

Bonus Pattern (in addition to the pattern you choose above)

Four Corners - all four squares in the corner of the card


Bingo - One free studio class

X -  25% off one 10 Class Pass

T- 50% off one 10 Class Pass

Blackout - One free 10 Class Pass & entry to win a 2nd 10 Class Pass

Four Corners - ONE entry into a drawing to win a Manduka Yoga Mat 

How to play:

  • Choose ONE pattern you would like to complete.

  • Four Corners is available to win in addition to the ONE pattern you choose to complete.

  • Complete the tasks between July 15 and August 31, 2019.

  • Turn in bingo cards to the studio no later than Tuesday September 3 at 10am.

  • Full rules and details can be found at the studio and at

  • One stamp can be earned per day.


Cards can be picked up at the studio either before or after a scheduled class. They must be returned by September 3, 2019 at 10am.

Please make sure your name email address and phone number are on the card.

Have a teacher stamp or initial your card when a task is completed (tasks completed at home can be stamped next time you are in class)

Card can be stored at the studio if you prefer not to take it home! (you can peek at the card online anytime at or at

Click HERE For Full Rules


Directions for Each Square:

Follow us on Instagram

Go to Instagram and follow, jot down your Instagram account name on your card so we can verify that you follow us 

Bring a friend to class

Talk a friend into joining you at a studio class! $10 to drop in for your friend. Student should be new to the studio.

Show us your swag

Take a photo of you wearing a JRRYoga Shirt or get a sticker from the studio, place the sticker on something in your life (water bottle/laptop/phone case etc) snap a photo of where you stuck it, then share it with us! Photos can be sent to

Come to Yoga at the Winery

Go to to register for a class. Collect your stamp while you are there.

Review us on Google

Go to and search “JRRYoga” find the studio on the results page and give us a review.

Ride your bike or walk to class

There is a bike rack in Library Square (across the street) that you can lock up to.  

Take 5 classes in the month of August

Attend 5 classes between August 1 and August 31 

Take 3 classes between July 15 & July 31

Attend 3 classes between July 15 & July 31

Purchase a 10 Class Pass
Purchase a 10 class pass between July 15 & August 31. (Online is easiest for us to track but in person works too. Please purchase with Jamie if possible)

Tell us what yoga means to you/how it impacts your life

Email with your answer. Your answer may be shared online with the community. Please indicate if you would like your name attached to your words or if you would prefer to stay anonymous.

Balance practice

Practice tree pose 7 days in a row, focusing on lengthening your hold in the pose. Do this on your own and let Jamie know when you have completed it. 

Journal your practice

Write about your practice for 5 practices in a row. Consider how you feel before your practice and after, if you felt progress in your practice, or anything about your practice that feels notable to you. Let Jamie know when you have completed this.

JRRYoga Free Space!

Practice Surya Namaskar A

Practice Sun Salutation A for 5 days in a row on your own. (go to the jrryoga youtube channel if you would like a video to follow along with) Let Jamie know when you have completed this.

Prop your pose

Share a photo with us of you in your favorite pose while using a prop as part of your pose. Either tag us on social media, or email photo to so we can share it! 

Donate a box of tea to the studio

Pick your favorite tea and drop it off at the studio. Please write your name on the box so we can make sure you get your stamp.

Come to yoga at the farmers market

Two dates to choose from. This is a free class! Saturday July 20 or Saturday, August 17.

Attend a class on Saturday

Attend class on a Saturday. Simple enough!

Bring a friend to class

Talk a friend into joining you at a studio class! $10 to drop in for your friend. Student should be new to the studio.

Share your favorite quote or poem with us

Email your chosen quote to Quote may be used to end a class or shared on social media.

All bodies are good bodies

Take a photo in one of the poses listed on the bingo square. Please have the photo be a straight on shot. Photo may be turned into a silhouette for a new t shirt concept for the studio. (It will be joined by many other silhouettes and will likely not be recognizable as you)  

Practice Kindness

Do something kind for anyone you choose. Don’t expect anything in return or that they will respond in a way that you expect them to. Practice Aparigraha (nonattachment) Let Jamie know when you have finished this.

Stay hydrated and go green

Bring a reusable water bottle to use in class

Bring a snack to share

Have a favorite snack? Bring enough to share when you come to a class! 

Follow us on Facebook

Go to and find the studio page (JRRYoga Studio) give us a like!

Click HERE For Full Rules